Learning your way - Introduction with Susun Weed

Green Blessings and Welcome! Thank you for joining us...

Information on herbs and their uses has been passed down to us in many ways: through stories, in books, set to music, and incorporated into our everyday speech. Learning about herbs is fun, fascinating, and easy to do no matter where you live or what your circumstances. It is an adventure that makes use of all of your senses. Reading about herbal medicine is fascinating, and a great way to learn how others have used plants. But the real authorities are the plants themselves. They speak to us through their smells, tastes, forms, and colors.

Anyone who is willing to take the time to get to know the plants around them will discover a wealth of health-promoting green allies. What stops us? Fear. We fear that we will use the wrong plant. We fear poisoning ourselves. We fear the plants themselves.

These fears are wise. But they need not keep us from using the abundant remedies of nature. A few simple guidelines can protect you and help you make sense of herbal medicine. This series of ongoing weekly short videos will offer you easy-to-remember rules for using herbs simply and safely. As you continue to view these weekly videos you will find it easier to identify, harvest, prepare and use herbs confidently and successfully to keep yourself and your loved ones whole/healthy/holy.

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