Presenters for Day 5 Bios & more

Rachel Witt

Rachael is a community clinical herbalist, gardener, and teacher. She is the founder of Wildness Within; an herbal business that offers plant-focused apprenticeships and classes, herbal consultations and hand-made remedies. Rachael is dedicated to simple, seasonal living with land and teaching people hands-on-earth skills. She lives and stewards the Highlands Homestead in Duvall, WA. Find more at 

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Nicole Byrns

Nicole is a knitter, natural dyer, teacher, herbalist, & New Yorker living in the south of Spain. Exploring the hills around Granada, Nicole and her four-legged hiking companion get to know the local flora and fauna. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t knit a few stitches or dream of new colors for the dye pots. Teaching workshops about natural dyes and herbal medicine has been an important part of her life. "Reweaving the healing cloak of the ancients." Nicole came to AndalucĂ­a more than a decade ago to work as an English teacher. She now continues online, guiding students from around the world. Her goal is to help them feel more confident. She also has the joy of teaching Spanish as a second language. Recently, Nicole & fellow fiber artist started a new project called Save the Sheep. They are working to bring visibility to the wool of rare and endangered breed sheep. Constantly learning & exploring, hoping to share her experience with others.  You can find Nicole on social media as ThymeWeaver.  

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