What to Expect from this Course

Welcome to your Menopausal Allies Online Course with mentor Susun Weed, author of New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way. We will look at specific aspects and problems – such as fertility, mood and emotion, sex, hot flashes, sleepless nights, lack of libido, building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis, creating a long-lived healthy heart, and your personal problems – in each and every lesson. 

In the first lesson I will focus on three important herbal allies for menopausal women: burdock, dandelion, and yellow dock. In the second lesson, I will explain three more herbal allies for menopausal women: nettle, oatstraw, and red clover. Each lesson will include specific recipes, harvesting techniques, as well specific dosages. During our first teleseminar (teleovular?), I will share three ways of understanding your menopause: 1. “I am in a second puberty.” 2. “I am a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.” And 3. “I am creating the healthy, vibrant, juicy woman I wish to be for the rest of my life.” I will also discuss some of the problems with black cohosh, bio-identical hormones, progesterone cream, and soy. In the third lesson, I will tell you about three more herbal allies for menopausal women: cleavers, comfrey, and kelp. Our fourth and final lesson will find us crowning the crone, flying on our own wings, and co-creating ourselves and our lives with joy, abandon, and elegance (and herbal allies). We will focus on phytoestrogenic herbs in this last lesson. In our final teleseminar I will reveal truth behind the myths of estrogen dominance and estrogen lack as important during menopause. And I will explain the energy aspects of menopause.

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